How To Deal With Negative Publicity And Bad Press – The Art Of Making A Comeback

As I watched the Lakers win another NBA Championship what really stood out to me was not Kobe Bryant’s dynamic performance, but rather the success of his public relations team. It was not so long ago that he was caught in a world wind of controversy, but now it all seems like a distant memory.

Some celebrities are able to bounce back from career ending screw up’s, and some just simply fade to black in disgrace as their career comes to an end. Take for example Mel Gibson’s latest PR disaster in which he warns his girlfriend that she could get raped by a “Pack of Ni***ers.” We can definitely put a fork in Mr. Gibson, because he is now officially done in Hollywood.

Mel Gibson’s latest racial rant has once again landed him on the front page of every entertainment publication around the world, and was even the lead story on Entertainment Tonight (ET). Even the best of my PR colleagues are telling me that they will send Mel Gibson’s call straight to voice mail if he calls them seeking damage control with this one.

Please keep in mind that fan’s have already forgiven him once for his first cacophony of defamatory comments about the Jewish Community. Now we can only wonder as to which ethic group he will attack next in his latest epic “Mel Gibson’s March To The Sea.”

Cases like Mel Gibson’s are actually the extreme end when it comes to dealing with negative publicity. You can actually take some comfort in knowing that there is hope for you, if your latest screw up is north of Mel Gibson’s. Unlike Gibson, Kobe Bryant did the “Right Thing” with our forgiveness and truly proved that his incident was a mistake in judgment. As a culture we can truly understand a stupid mistake, if your actions afterwards totally contradict the reason you had to call an “I’m so sorry” press conference.

Ray Lewis, Hugh Grant, Winona Ryder, Eddie Murphy, Jimmy Swaggart, Justin Timberlake, and Todd Bridges just to name a few, all have done extraordinary jobs at recovering from potentially career ending mistakes.

How To Move Forward From A Nightmare

Kobe Bryant up to this point has lived an exceptional life since he made is public mistake, and because of that he has honored our forgiveness. After Magic Johnson’s Press Conference on November 7, 1991, we have never read another negative article about his lifestyle. It’s not the fall that gets you banned from public view; it’s the repeated falls that causes us to wipe our hands of you.

Now the same rules that apply to famous athletes and celebrities also applies to you. The first step in moving forward from bad publicity is to never make that mistake again. It’s not as important that you convince the public that you made the biggest mistake of your life, but rather your ability to convince yourself that it was simply stupid and out of character.

Listed below are three tips that will help you change public perception after your own personal press conference of shame.

Don’t Ever Do It Again – I know this may seem very obvious to those of you who posses common sense, but as my grandmother would always say “common sense is not common.” If you ever think about repeating the same mistake just remember the example of Kobe Bryant and Mel Gibson. Change your lifestyle, get control of your habits, and even consider new friends if the change will place you in the company of more responsible people. At this point you have to take your personal life in a totally different direction. Try to search yourself in an attempt to find out what made you commit such a stupid act. Take responsibility for your actions and never, never ever, place the blame on a 3rd party.

Stay Out Of The Press – After your press conference of shame, disappear from the press for a period of 1-3 years. You need to allow time for the smoke to settle, and time to pass before you’re out generating new publicity. Even if you’re involved in something positive, the perception of your participation will still cast a negative cloud. Avoid making charity appearances or making huge donations, because the perception will be that you’re trying to buy your way back into good grace. The best thing to do at this point is re-focus on your career or business in a way that adds value to your brand.

Reinvent Yourself – You are the CEO of you. Every decision from this point has to place you in the best possible light, and the best possible environment. You have to become the person you really are in the eyes of public perception. Having said that, you have the right to totally reinvent your brand in a way that still looks and feels genuine, without appearing fake. To reinvent doesn’t mean to go over the top, but to simply bleach your image. You can accomplish this with a change in your wardrobe, public appearances, associations, mindset, attitude, expression, and ventures. The best part about recovering from bad publicity is people will root for you because they really want to see you bounce back. Never forget the fact that everyone loves the Comeback Kid.

Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens went from the darkest days of his life, to one of the most respected and admired men on, and off the football field. I encourage you to learn from your mistake and truly change your life in a way that would make the likely hood of this ever happening again extremely unlikely. As a Public Relations Professional, I offer you the same advice that I mandate of my clients. When it comes to rebuilding your life, you will have to subscribe to the following principal or you risk having your name or brand banished and forever tarnished.

Philippians 4:8

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Public Speaking – Impressive Art Of Communication

Public speaking is an impressive art of communication with the audience in a structured and deliberate manner. It goes beyond the boundaries of speaking or talking to a group of individuals. It is an art of articulating your ideas and thoughts in order to persuade others, inspire them, engage them, or entertain them.

There are three main components of public speaking logical component, mechanical component, and emotional component. A good and effective speech should have a merger of all these three components.

Logical component attributes to the content of your speech that encompasses the truth and facts you deliver along with the structure ad length of your speech. The content or the material of your speech should be engaging, entertaining, as well as inspiring.

Mechanical component caters to your tone of voice and your body movements. When you change the tone of your voice or make any unexpected body movements notice how your audience perceives your speech. This perception will define the success or failure of your speech.

The emotional component attributes to the emotions you deliver during your speech and how the audience feels after your speech. These emotions should be strong enough to directly affect the way audience feel and further convince them to put your words into actions.

Apart from these components there are various factors that influence this art of communication. Some of these factors include your level of confidence, facial expressions, catchy titles, rate of speech, usage of visual aids, and the usage of entertaining or captivating stuff like true stories, real life experiences, jokes, or phrases.

Furthermore, you should very well know the content of your speech so that you can make eye contact with the audience and deliver your message in a lively and convincing manner.

Take a deep breath before you start your speech as this will help you gain control over your nerves, your voice, and your words as well. Keep your mind and heart open and feel relaxed. Eye contact is really important in public speaking as it is the best way to express your emotions and impress the audience. Even if you are nervous appear as if things are normal and there is nothing wrong at your end. Pass a smile when you feel tensed as this will ease your mind and keep you in comfort.

You should also have a good sense of humor. Wherever possible tell funny jokes and lighten the mood of people or tell stories from real life or personal experience to add life and energy to your speech. In all possible ways try to engage the audience till the end of your speech by finding different ways to humanize your speech. Last but not the least, there are situations where you make mistakes but there is nothing to worry. Human make mistakes but what is important is how these mistakes are recovered.

Its fun, energetic, and great to empower this art of public speaking as it has its own set of benefits and advantages. It helps you increase your self-confidence, increase your motivation power, boost your career graph, and even improve your quality of life.

Breast Kissing Techniques – The Art Of Lovemaking

Sexual foreplay is indispensible to giving your woman the kind of arousal that will bring on an orgasm she’ll really enjoy. In this regard, there are a number of “erogenous zones” on a woman’s body, one of which is the breasts. But every woman is different … and there is a right and a wrong way to fondle and caress her breasts. In this article, we will focus on the best ways to kiss a woman’s breasts so that you please her and make her feel that she really means something to you.

For a man, a woman’s breasts can be a real turn-on – but for a woman, they have often been something she associates with nurture. So you need to ensure that when dealing with this part of her body, you don’t give her the impression that you’re just there to “feed” on her for your own satisfaction. She needs to know that you’re “giving” not “receiving”.

So here’s what to do:

Begin by gently kissing around her breasts, with soft, moist lips. As you do so, gradually move towards the nipples and when you arrive at that spot, exhale on her nipples so that she feels the sensation of your warm breath. As you focus on the nipples themselves, start by using the tip of your tongue to circle around the nipple in a light “tickling” fashion. Don’t just focus on one breast alone – remember, she has two of them!

Then you want to caress the nipples themselves with your tongue and while doing so, be alert to signs that she may be enjoying it. If she sighs, moans or makes a sudden movement, it means she’s enjoying the experience. Take note of this, because you want to read her body language so you know just how she likes it.

You should soon feel her nipples begin to protrude. This is the point where you should harden your tongue and being flicking it back and forth over the now erect nipples. If her nipples haven’t hardened yet, then suck each one gently and as you release it, exhale over it. The evaporative effect will produce an icy sensation which should do the job. Now suck the nipple and very lightly nibble on it, perhaps using your lip instead of bottom teeth as support, so there’s some “give”.

You want to cup the breast in your hand as you’re doing this. There is a good chance that by this time, other parts on the breast will be more sensitive, so kissing or licking under the breast or between them should turn her on. Don’t pay attention to only one breast – move between each one and while giving this kind of attention to one, gently rub or lightly pinch the other one – but make sure you have wet it with your tongue first. This can make a difference between an association in her mind with a breast feeder or a lover.

A critical thing to remember is, to not get too rough or to suck too hard. You don’t want to hear her say the words “I’m not a cow, you know” :-) Be very gentle!

A final word of advice – communicate with your partner! If you’re in a committed relationship, ask her what she likes and how she likes it. Some women don’t even enjoy light nibbling while others like it if you bite them. Everyone is different. Some women have sensitive breasts while other don’t, particularly if they’ve had implants. The most important thing is to pay attention. If you work out what she really enjoys, you can make her happy every time.

Health Benefits Of Mixed Martial Arts Training

Mixed martial arts is defined as a complete contact combat sport which involves a number of fighting skills and techniques, from a mixture of other fighting sports, used in competitions. Such training programs are great for the body and help one to improve stamina and strength.

It has been proved by a number of researches that individuals who practice any form of martial arts on a regular basis have high levels of fitness as compared to individuals who don’t. In addition to this, they also have a stronger immune system. These training programs are considered good for individuals suffering from innumerable health troubles like high cholesterol level, cardiac problems, high blood pressure, breathing difficulty, poor circulation and many others.

Some of the major benefits offered by MMA training programs are given below:

Increases flexibility and strength
This is one of the major benefits offered by such training programs. Regular training helps in the strengthening and toning of muscles thus increasing body flexibility. One becomes physical stronger and capable of defending himself from any kind of physical attack. Moreover, these training programs also help in muscle strengthening and stress release.

Weight loss programs
This is another major benefit associated with such training programs. Such programs are considered good for weight loss and help one to have a healthy and slim body.

Increases mind sharpness
Learning martial arts not only makes a person physically stronger but mentally sharper as well. The training involves good concentration and self control and thus improves coordination between the mind, body and soul.

Thus, mixed martial arts training provides innumerable health benefits to individuals and is becoming immensely popular worldwide. There are innumerable organizations which are offering MMA courses as per the needs of individuals.

How To Make A Poster Print Look And Feel Like An Oil Painting

How to make a poster print look and feel like an oil painting by David Squire
Did you know that a simple poster could look and feel just like an expensive work of art, without the high cost?
Ever wonder what a Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci or maybe a Vincent Van Gogh would look like displayed in your favorite room?
Imagine, with just a few hours, you can own your very own priceless work of art, without the million dollar price tag. And, best of all, you did it yourself.
I’m talking about taking your poster or print you already own and creating your very own masterpiece.
Just think about your next dinner party, the looks on your guests’ faces when you tell them: No, it’s not an original; no, I didn’t hit the lotto; I made it myself.
I’ve known about this process for years and used to pay hundreds of dollars to someone else, when all along I could have just made it myself. It’s so simple.
With just a few simple steps, you, too, can have your very own work of art.
I’m not talking about going out and paying thousands of dollars for replica artwork.
Okay, okay. Are you ready to find out how simple this process is? Well, here you go.
I would recommend you practicing first with some poster prints you have or purchasing some on your favorite Web auctions or check some yard sales out. The idea is to start with a print that isn’t very expensive or even free. This process may be easy, but you do have to practice some.
Let’s start with the basics here: tools. No, I’m not talking about wrenches. I’m talking about artist brushes. You can find them at your local craft store or any number of online art supply stores on the Web. You will need a small variety of sizes. For example, I like starter kits. They come with a variety of sizes and are usually under $10.00.
Now for the main ingredient. There are a few different compounds you could use. I will share the ones I like the most.
Mod Podge. Yes, you read it right. Mod Podge is a thick glue product that comes in various sheens. I prefer the gloss finish, all will dry clear. Some people like to mix 3 parts brown acrylic paint with the Mod Podge. Just make sure you seal the poster print prior to mixing with acrylic paint. An easy way of sealing is to use Krylon Crystal Clear spray.
Another technique is Canvas Gel used in the same manner as the Mod Podge. Most artist will mix the canvas Gel with their acrylic paints when creating their own master piece; however, for this example, we will just use the Canvas Gel the way it is.
The good thing about both products is they clean up with water and they are very inexpensive. You should be able to get them either on line or at your favorite art supply company for under $10.00.
Let’s see. Where are we? We have a cheap poster or print, about $20.00 in brushes, and Mod Podge. Now what?
When I’m about to work on a famous artist’s print, I like to research them to get an idea of what their own technique was that they used. For example, how did they hold their brush and what type of brush strokes did they use, how was the blank canvas arranged, et cetera. Well, you get the idea.
It helps me get in the mood or, should I say, character. For example, just like an actor would do when playing a part in an up and coming blockbuster.
I think we are about ready to get started: We have all of our supplies, we are in character, and we are ready to begin.
I like to work right out of the Mod Podge canister. You may want to pour a little in a disposable bowl. I mention disposable bowl because, after all, we are working with glue.
Remember the artist research we conducted earlier? That will help with the next step.
I like to mimic the artist with like-minded brush strokes. Just dip the brush in your chosen product and start painting over the colors. Remember the Paint By Numbers we did when we were kids? Well, it’s just like that without all the different colors of paint. Once you’ve practiced a few times with your inexpensive prints, you can move on to the Picasso.
There are a few more tips I personally like. Cardboard could be used as a backing or, for the brave, try gluing the poster print to some canvas so when you’re all done, you will have some substance behind your new painting.
Also, once you are completed with your new masterpiece, seal it all up with Krylon Crystal Clear for years of enjoyment. Just a couple of coats will do.
Remember, any new projects has a learning curve so be patient and practice. These techniques are some that I have used and hope you find them helpful.

Practice Ancient Art of Masturbation As Covered by the Vedas @ Promotionskolleg Global Social Policies and Governance, University of Kassel

Vedas have been a source of Hindu wisdom since ancient times. As the tightest assed, harshest race inside this planet, Germans cannot find sexual partners. We just don’t get along with anybody, for which reason we all masturbate 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the week. At Promotionskolleg Global Social Policies and Governance, University of Kassel, Germany, we teach Hindu steps of masturbation as learned from Vedas. These steps are also available free in Bhagavad Gita, another source of ancient Hindu wisdom on the topic of anal level masturbation.

Now cuntemplate this rubber bum in this photo:

Try this at home or in school just like the Hindu Hun. While cuntemplating the bum, start licking your fingers one by one, very slowly, just like a Buddhist monk. Lick all your fingers one by one, then insert one of your index fingers into your anus buttock. Only one finger will do. Aaaah. Now cover your balls with the hand that has been left out. Ooooh. Slowly jiggle your left ball before jiggling the right bum. Aaaah. Repeat this process. From left ball to right bum. Aaaah. Jiggle your balls free of sperm thus.

Leave your index finger where it belongs. Aaaah. Just leave it there like a sagging wasted ball. Ooooh. Now remove your finger and reinsert, just remove it this minute. Ooooh. Do this a couple of times before you start licking your fingers again, one by one. Aaaah. Concentrate on the index finger and where it’s been. Aaaah. It was inside your anus buttock, therefore it needs refreshment before it can be reinserted. Aaaah. Leave your index finger inside your mouth for five full minutes if you please. Aaaah. Lick it, then reinsert it into your anus buttock and cover your balls with the left out hand. Oooooh. Just cover the balls before you start jiggling them again. Oooooh. Aaaaah. From the left bum to the right ball. Ooooh Aaaah. Free the balls of all sperm, just ejaculate and free yourself. Aaaah.

As you may know, the Chinese Hun is only allowed one baby in his lifetime, whereas the German has simply stopped producing Huns. We are an economically sensitive peoples. We do not wish to exceed our limits.

Just remove your finger again from your anus buttock. Aaaah. Slowly release all your vaginal tensions by jiggling your bum and those balls. Oooooh. The balls are tense, so jiggle them free of sperm. Aaaah. Do this in school or at home like a Hindu Hun. Aaaah. Now be free. Ooooh. Forget everyone. Aaaaah. Just forget your vaginal tensions and be free. Ooooh Aaaah. Try this in the home and attain independence. Oooooh Aaaah. Be free of culture and simply fuck yourself free of tensions. Oooooh Aaaaah. Just fuck yourself again and again inside the anus buttock. Aaaaah. Just fuck like the Hindu Hun.

German Hun,

Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherrer

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Art And Creative Visualization As Forms Of Anger Work

Most of us know that art work is an excellent means of self-expression, but how many people know that art therapy, or Anger Work through the use of art can be successful as well? Art just for the fun of it is not what we are discussing though. Art as a simple pleasure might keep you from losing your mind, but art as Anger Work is something else. It is a more active way to express your anger through what you create or do. Many examples of anger or other strong emotions can be found from the greatest artists, painters, musicians, and dancers, but the rest of us can focus our anger and thereby heal, as well. You dont have to master an Art to use art as a means of working through your anger.

Children and many adults love to do Art Anger Work. They may create a descriptive image with their angry feelings, or they may create and then destroy some piece of art. It is best to let your anger flow as you create paintings, for example. One survivor of sexual abuse may create abstract paintings dominated by deep red tones. Another may create a jumble of body parts expressing the confusion and disconnectedness he feels. A particularly distressed client I knew many years ago was angry at a former therapist who used to eat cookies during their sessions and had even fallen asleep during a session with the client on one occasion. To express this anger she drew a caricature of her former therapist lounging on the couch with cookie crumbs all over her. Her eyes were heavily lidded, and a little balloon above her head read Want a cookie? My client drew herself on the other couch as a nondescript naked body with a huge knife sticking out of her guts and blood pooling on the floor below her. She was careful to include the plaque that hung ironically on her former therapists wall: it read Its Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood. In this one drawing the client was able to express her desperate need for help and her anger at feeling neglected by the therapist.

To begin your anger work through art, just let your creativity go. Who knows, perhaps you will create some items worth selling someday. A couple of professional artists with whom I have worked with over the years have changed their style of artistic expression after getting into Anger Work. They often feel even more connected to their pieces because of the intense level of self expression.

Some other modes of artistic expression you may want to explore are those of expressive dance, creative movement, and creative visualization. This could even be in the form of a creative work-out routine. For example, as a survivor of rape or sexual abuse you may create a special work-out routine as one of my clients did. There were three movements to her routine. The first was a straight, strong punch forward at eye level, imagining that she was punching her attacker in the face. The second movement was a swift, powerful kick upward, imagining that she was kicking the attacker in his private parts. The third movement brought her arm up over her head, then down in front in a swift swinging motion where her clenched fist met her open palm like a hammer, finally symbolizing her crushing the attackers private parts between an anvil and a large, metal hammer. She repeated these movements in sequence for 15 to 20 minutes at a time several times a week, or whenever she felt the victim mentality taking hold of her again. She found it helped her move from a place of fear into a sort of dance that tells a story, the way a ballet does. You do not need to have special training to do this. It is your story. As a whole being, body, mind and spirit, you can express your experience with yourself as the only audience. Creative movement is different than expressive dance. It can be one, simple, repetitive movement or a series of movements that have symbolic meaning to you.

Creative Visualization is another tool, a sort of art form in your mind, which you can use. You can pretend that you are a lion ripping up the person who hurt you, or you can imagine a cleansing fire burning away all the evil in a person and leaving behind only that which is good and worthy of remaining. Use your imagination and visualize symbolic scenes which will help you heal.

Heres a great idea for a fun way to use creative visualization. Find a metaphor that works for you and visualize yourself rising above your current problems. You can pretend that you are hiking on the path of life and your particular problems are vines trying to grow around your ankles and keep you from climbing to higher ground.
Visualize yourself overcoming that challenge by stomping on them, hacking them up or simply climbing over them.

Any number of art activities or creative visualizations can serve as Anger Work for you. Relax and let yourself go. Experiment until you do find one, or many! What is important is that you do find effective ways to do your Anger Work so that you can live a more peaceful, joyful life.

Just The Facts – What Is Jiu Jitsu

What is Jiu Jitsu? It is really a Japanese form of martial artwork styles which consists of grappling and striking techniques. History shows that this was initial introduced prior to 750 Advert and this reached its peak when Japan was united within the early 1600?s.

The rationale why Jiu Jitsu flourished was because no one was permitted to carry weapons any longer. This meant that the only method to protect yourself was via palm to hand fight which even someone smaller can do to win much more than a larger and heavier opponent. In the many years that adopted, this martial artwork was educated to both the police and the army.

Jiu Jitsu is sometimes spelled as jujitsu. No matter how you spell it, in English means the practice of gentleness. This may only be accomplished with proper timing and leverage so you are in a position to grab maintain to your opponent and then execute a couple of strikes so this person is not any lengthier a risk.

Aside from studying how to defend yourself, it adjustments you as an individual since you turn out to be more calm and targeted. Students will also have the ability to learn other values this kind of as efficiency, patience, surrender and yielding.

In some colleges, you may also learn how you can fight utilizing a number of weapons, others will teach healing strategies like giving another individual a massage and there are individuals that put a large value around the study of philosophical or spiritual concepts.

Jiu Jitsu gave rise to other martial arts forms. First is judo that is often in contrast to freestyle wrestling and whilst the two shares numerous strategies, Judo focuses on self defense maneuvers so you are in a position to throw your opponent off balance and then execute a toss.

The other is Aikido because it makes use of palm techniques redirect the force utilized by the opponent. Once the threat is around the floor, you may now use numerous agonizing hold strategies till she or he surrenders. If they don?t, their elbow joint will be dislocated or rendered unconscious.

Jiu Jitsu is not an activity which is why unlike karate or tae kwon do, you will find no competitions. However, the Brazilian type of Jiu Jitsu which was adapted from Judo is. The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) is really a major governing physique for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) which hosts a number of of your biggest tournaments within the world, such as the European Championships, Mundials and Pan American.

This was founded by Carlos Gracie, Jr., head of Gracie Barra and son of Carlos Gracie, the founder of this form of martial art. The IBJJF is closely tied towards the Confederacao Brasileira de Jiu-Jitsu, sharing its rules and laws.

Even though Jiu Jitsu is very old, its technique is visible in other martial arts. You’ll notice this utilized by some fighters during mixed martial arts competitions just like the Ultimate Fighting Championship which has turn out to be popular ever since this was first introduced in the early 1990?s.

In fact, Royce Gracie used the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu method and was the first, second, 3rd and fourth champion of this tournament.

Anyone can learn Jiu Jitsu. This is the rationale that it is often educated in self-defense courses so anyone who is under risk will have the ability to neutralize the attacker, escape and get help. All you need to do is discover a gym which offers it to students.

Tableaux, Peintures A Huile, Toiles Modernes, Art Mural Et Dcorations Murales Originales

Il existe depuis peu sur le net, un vritable bijou pour les amants des tableaux, peintures huile et dcorations murales: Imagine !

Ce petit nouveau, prsent depuis quelques mois seulement, vient mettre le march d’art et des dcorations murales, lenvers.

Imagine Outlet reverse lquivalent de 1% de ses achats aux usines, des organismes de compensation de gaz carbone afin de limiter limpact environemental de la vente de produits sur son site.

Ce fabricant de meubles pratique de vritables prix dusine

Chez ce mobilier en ligne, vous trouverez une collection de tableaux, peintures huile et toiles originales de lartiste Steen Boesvang.

Concernant les toiles lhuile, chaque pice est une oeuvre unique, peinte la main et livre monte sur un chssis en bois de la plus haute qualit. Il ne vous restera plus qu laccrocher au mur pour gayer votre espace intrieur et vos murs.

Visitez les peintures huile et toiles lhuile en cliquant ici.

Vous trouverez galement une collection de dcorations murales qui constituent une vritable rvolution dans lart mural par leur originalit et par les matriaux employs.

Cliquez-ici pour visiter la collection dart mural et les dcorations murales d’ Imagine Outlet.

Les plus belles peintures huile, toiles et tableaux ainsi que des dcorations murales couper le souffle sont proposes des prix dfiant toute concurrence. Notez galement que les peinture huile sont livres montes sur un chssis en bois de grande qualit. Peu de toiles sont vendues sur le net compltement montes.

Une collection de meubles en laque haut de gamme fabriqus en suivant le procssus authentique de meubles en laque chinoise ou de laque de chine vous est galement propose par ce marchand de mobilier en ligne.
Visionnez notre vido pour trouver votre meuble laque haut de gamme.

The Significance Of African Arts And Crafts

African arts are very exceptional way of arts. It has its own kind of gesture among the people. Many people like African arts because it is one of the ancient arts which have life even today. African masks, African fabrics, African musical instruments, African ladies Handbags and African carvings these are all the traditional crafts of African arts.

Most of the people assume that African arts are only desirable in Africa. But this is not true. These art forms can be found worldwide because of its popularity among people. Art lovers believe that the creation of African masks and musical instruments has its own kind of heritage. The belief for the creation of these art works has been for divine purpose and also for practical purpose.

The fabrics are usually made using the batik method, this means that the fabric have been printed with the designs using a hand dying method. Most of the fabrics are hand woven and this makes the art piece unique and this is one of the specialty of African fabric.

African Masks has a great historic tradition. Some have been known to be created further back in time than the Paleolithic era. These masks are normally created using wood, and some of the masks are made up of leather, metal and other things. Nowadays the demand for these masks among the art enthusiasts is more. The main purpose for the creation of mask in those days was for ceremonial programmes. These masks traditionally represent god or a spirit and the person who wears the mask is considered to be obsessed by the spirit of the mask.

African ladies bag are considered to be a contemporary art form of African arts, in fact it has a very rich history. These kind of bags were traditionally wore by males, generally worn hidden under clothing to hold the proceeds of an unachievable task in order to win the heart of their beloved ones.

African musical instruments are also loved by most of the art enthusiasts. They were used widely by African people to get rid of evil spirits. African music is considered to be vibrant and functional, unlike western music which is designed to merely dance or listen to.

Basically African arts and crafts have a rich cultural history of its own and it is widely sought after by collectors and art appreciators throughout the world. And even today the demand for African art products is at its peak, because of its great cultural and traditional significance.